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Watch the film here

Promo Code Instructions

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After visiting click the "NEXT" button which takes you to the screen you see on the left.

  • Step 1:  Click ‘Watch from $25

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  •  Step 2:  Select top option for $29.99 that includes extended interviews.  Then enter your email, name and create a password.  This creates an account for you with Projektor so you can access the feature film and the bonus footage as desired.

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  •  Step 3:  Click "have a promo code"



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  •  Step 4:  Enter PROMO CODE and click the yellow button  PURCHASE BUNDLE. it will take the price down to $0 when you enter the code and click the yellow button.

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 All Done.  You will see this confirmation page.  Simply click ‘Watch Now’ to see the movie.  `if you are looking for the bonus footage, then click the ‘Purchase Summary’ link below it and you will find the extended interviews.


Remember that to view your film in the future, you just go to ` and click ‘sign in’ in the right corner.  Enter your email you used and the password.  They have a password recovery feature if you ever forget.  There its a drop down option on the top right of the page that will have a ‘`purchases’ option where you can find this film and any others you ever purchase at ``

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