The package includes a  Blu-Ray + DVD (inside the Blu-Ray Amaray case)


So to be clear, inside each Amaray case, there are two discs:  1 is a Blu-ray disc and 1 is a DVD.


This order includes a quantity of 10 packages of the Blu-ray +DVD in the shrink-wrapped Amaray case.  


These are meant for those who do not have streaming media capability and cannot attend a theater event.


These are for promotional purposes only may not be sold to the public.


Please note license restrictions:  these are only for private viewing and may not be used to show the film in any public venue.  Agents are prohibited from showing the film to their clients or prospective clients in their office (even if it is only the agent and one client present), as that is considered a "public activity" and would therefore be a violation of the copyright.  This is meant to simply distribute as a promotion to a person for their personal viewing.   These may not be rented or sold.



Blu-Ray + DVD Bundle - 10 units @ $29.95/ea.