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These are MPA-approved images to promote the film on Social Media.


You may use the 'Print Ready' poster to print one of the two official MPA-approved film posters in any size for your private use to display in your office or home.

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Anyone may share this official trailer on social media or embed it on any website except for those focused on children as this is a PG-rated movie.   


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Cinemark Theaters offer nationwide contract pricing for The Baby Boomer Dilemma  (PG) as well as M&A  (PG) film titles:

Screening of the film includes a 2-hour time block plus complimentary auditorium access 30 minutes prior to your start time.  Auditorium capacity varies by theatre, with no more than 125 seats provided.  In partnership with Doug Orchard Films, LLC., Cinemark is offering a 10% discount on event pricing.

Monday-Wednesday:  $1,035

Thursday-Sunday before 4P: $1,485

Thursday-Sunday starting at 4P: $1,935

Book a Cinemark Theater:

Information you need to complete the Cinemark form:  

Title:  The Baby Boomer Dilemma

Distributor:  Doug Orchard Films, LLC

National Theatrical Release Date:  10/14/21

Video On Demand Date:  not set

DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:  not set


AMC Theaters also offers a nationwide contract rate for Doug Orchard Films, LLC for both M&A (PG) and The Baby Boomer Dilemma (PG)

Monday-Wednesday:  $1,285

Thursday-Sunday before 4P: $1,485

Thursday-Sunday starting at 4P:  $1,935

They need pre-approval for each location for the Programming and Theater teams as part of their normal reservation process.  Payment would need to be made 30 days in advance to secure the preferred facility.  

Book an AMC Theater:



Kelly Carter & Steve Conte on 11/16/21 in an AMC theater in Colorado.  Here's how they did it and how many registered.  


They set the bar right in the beginning.


Carol used Brian Spicer with MBI Direct for the marketing of her event.  She shows her give-away in this must-see testimonial and her numbers.  March 24, 2022

Location:  Daytona Beach, FL


Steve used AFEA to get 95 people to show at his second showing in the week.  You probably know Steve (or at least have heard of him).  


He shares how he gets the room to sign up for the follow-up.


Location:  Virginia Beach, VA


Andrew shares his written policy numbers from his 4 events (he had done one per month at the time of this interview).   FB marketing done by his wife.


He shares his exact approach and phrases.  Must see.

Location:  Franklin, TN

(Note:  since this interview Andrew hosted the film about 30 more times).


Tom uses Brian Spicer with MBI Direct and did 4 events at the time of this interview (2 in theaters and 2 at the library) and he shares his exact numbers.

Location:  Seattle, WA


The interviews and links below are not endorsements.  They did not pay to be included here.  The filmmaker does not have any paid affiliation or "kickback" from these firms or anyone. They are providing these marketing solutions for those who would like help to host a film event.    

Todd Bernstein and his team has hosted the movie over 30 times since March 2022.  Then his FMO asked him and his team to support other agents to do the same.  They have a unique approach as they have experimented with what frequency yields the best return.  They have tried hosting 1, 2, and up to 5 events in a short time period.  What they found was the optimal number was actually holding 3 events in a week.  They used one marketing effort and that dramatically reduced the cost per event.  Also, because they were holding more events that week, attendees could refer to the upcoming scheduled event later in the week.   To spread out their marketing costs they used the same theater and landing page and FB campaign for all 3 of the events held that week.  They support other agents interested in using their coaching, marketing,, and support.


Eric Paulenoff

Steep Digital Marketing specializes in seminar and lead generation for financial advisors. Headquartered in Denver, CO and led by Founder and CEO Jonathan Musgrave, Steep has become a leader in the digital marketing space for Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents.


Steep had partnered with Doug Orchard Films to create a seamless, turnkey marketing process that consistently fills movie theaters for The Baby Boomer Movie events. Their process includes high-quality trailers created in partnership with Doug Orchard, customized landing pages, and an automated confirmation process with emails, text messages and even physical ticket delivery for each registrant.


In addition to these marketing assets, Steep has developed an extensive library of tools and trainings to help agents and advisors execute high-ROI movie events. These tools include: Confirmation call training, appointment setting training, extensive answers to FAQs, a movie theater checklist, a customizable appointment setting sheet, and a wide variety of marketing packages to fill movie events ranging from $4,250 to $7,025. Their campaigns consistently get more than 100 registrations with some exceeding 300.


Free Movie Marketing Toolkit: Whether you choose to promote your movie with Steep or not, all the resources they’ve created are available for free on this page.

Brian Spicer is National Sales Advisor for MBI Direct Mail.  MBI Direct Mail has a 32,000 Square feet state-of-the-art print and mail house in DeLand, FL.  They are affiliated with a not-for-profit & have discounted (20%) postal rates, and their services include a 24/7 registration call center.   Tom Hegna introduced Brian to 'The Baby Boomer Dilemma' and their firm decided to design a custom marketing campaign to support their existing clients and any IMO's, FMO's or agents looking for these services.  After helping promote about 100 events, MBI shares all in this interview on what they have seen work and not work for agents.  You will certainly find this to be an interesting interview. 

To Learn More:

Brian Spicer
National Sales Advisor

MBI Direct Mail
P: 386.626.0260 |


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