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Title:  The Baby Boomer Dilemma

Distributor:  Doug Orchard Films, LLC

National Theatrical Release Date:  10/14/21

Video On Demand Date:  not set

DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:  not set


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Kelly Carter & Steve Conte on 11/16/21 in an AMC theater in Colorado.  Here's how they did it and how many registered.  


They set the bar right in the beginning.


Carol used Brian Spicer with MBI Direct for the marketing of her event.  She shows her give-away in this must-see testimonial and her numbers.  March 24, 2022

Location:  Daytona Beach, FL


Steve used AFEA to get 95 people to show at his second showing in the week.  You probably know Steve (or at least have heard of him).  


He shares how he gets the room to sign up for the follow-up.


Location:  Virginia Beach, VA


Andrew shares his written policy numbers from his 4 events (he had done one per month at the time of this interview).   FB marketing done by his wife.


He shares his exact approach and phrases.  Must see.

Location:  Franklin, TN


Tom uses Brian Spicer with MBI Direct and did 4 events at the time of this interview (2 in theaters and 2 at the library) and he shares his exact numbers.

Location:  Seattle, WA


The interviews and links below are not endorsements.  They did not pay to be included here.  The filmmaker does not have any paid affiliation or "kickback" from these firms as well. They are providing these services and represent a growing list of 3rd party marketing solutions for those who would like help to host a film event.    

AFEA is a not-for-profit that provides financial literacy education throughout the US.  They are FMO agnostic meaning any agent, IMO or FMO may participate (which they discuss here).  

With membership, they provide full project management end-to-end services.  In this interview with Jeremy Bryant (COO), we discuss the services they provide, an example of the cost breakdown for a true "all-in" price to host an event (with certain assumptions where prices can vary).  The sample "all-in" price includes the use of 99 Streaming Gift Cards, 3 Public Licenses, the theater rental (assumed at 1200 per showing – cost will vary), 150 gift cards to the refreshment stand, physical mailing design, and the full mailing (including postage at their not-for-profit discounted rate, call center for registration and registration pages).   The "all-in" price with their full services, mailing, etc., appears to be less than any agent I've spoken to who has done this 100% on their own using only Facebook.  I found this to be a very interesting interview.”


Total "All-In" Direct Mail:

7500 pieces = $10,751*  ($3584 per showing) 

10000 pieces = $11,973* ($3991 per showing)


* Please note: Actual rates may vary – fixed costs only include Direct mail and cost of the license(s) and digital streaming gift cards, all other costs are not AFEA’s or Doug Orchard Films and are subject to fluctuation.

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Brian Spicer is National Sales Advisor for MBI Direct Mail.  MBI Direct Mail has a 32,000 Square feet state-of-the-art print and mail house in DeLand, FL.  They are affiliated with a not-for-profit & have discounted (20%) postal rates, and their services include a 24/7 registration call center.   Tom Hegna introduced Brian to 'The Baby Boomer Dilemma' and their firm decided to design a custom marketing campaign to support their existing clients and any IMO's, FMO's or agents looking for these services.   You will certainly find this to be an interesting interview. 

To Learn More:

Brian Spicer
National Sales Advisor

MBI Direct Mail
P: 386.626.0260 |